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SMESH module without Salome?

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SMESH module without Salome?

Posted by Leonhard Clarks at September 02. 2009

We are looking for the origin of the Salome SMESH module. Has this been developed together with Salome, or is it based on some meshing library which can be used independently from Salome?

Here is a user guide for an smesh program:
but this is not the salome module, is it?

Also this project appears to be derived from Salome SMESH rather than being the origin.

Can we include the great features of Salome's SMESH (and nothing else but SMESH, especially no python wrappers) in a C++ project?


Re: SMESH module without Salome?

Posted by Sergey Mozokhin at September 03. 2009

Hello Leonhard,

SMESH module was developed without any external meshing libraries. It uses SMDS (SALOME MESH DATA STRUCTURES) library completely developed by SALOME partners.

It is possible to use it outside SALOME software as a containers for your mesh data structures.

Meshing algorithms are provided as a plugin-ins for SMESH module. and this mesh algorithms can be (and they are) external (like NETGEN or GMSH3D).

Also it is possible to use some simple mesh algorithm which comes with SALOME outside SALOME.



Re: SMESH module without Salome?

Posted by Leonhard Clarks at September 03. 2009

Thank you, Sergey.

This clarifies the relationship between SMESH and other meshing libraries. In this case we'll probably go directly for the plugged-in libraries like NETGEN. At a first glance Salome appeared to offer many more algorithms, but maybe it is just the positive result of Salomes very nice and user-friendly GUI.

Kind regards,


Re: SMESH module without Salome?

Posted by Ross Nunva at April 28. 2010

Hi Leonard,

I need some advice. For my project I looking for importing meshing algorithms into salome.  But Iam beginner, so how can I import mesh algorithms (GMSH3D,Tetgen and other) into Salome? As it is possible, I need instruction step by step...please



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