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Fuse list of elements faster in geometry module

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Fuse list of elements faster in geometry module

Posted by Franco Otaola at August 16. 2021


I created a script that creates multiple bodies one next to the other (touching one another only in the faces).

the code works properly, but the main issue I am having is when I try to fuse all the objects, the scripts works correctly but I takes a lot of time to fuse all the objects, for a low number of elements (125)

if I only create the elements with the script, it takes around 4 seconds.

if I create the elements, stock them in a list, and fuse them (with geompy.MakeFuseList(matrix, True, True) ), it takes 3 or 4 minutes.


obviously, 4 minutes it is more than acceptable, but this difference scales up really fast with the number of elements in matrix (125 is only for testing purposes). is there any way I could speed up this fusion?

I know it is documentation from another software (freeCad) but as it uses Opens cascade technology too, the documentation mentions s a function to parallel fuse operation ( and as that the doc mentions that this dates from OCC 6.9.0.

 I thought that maybe I dont know the function in salome? I did not find anything in the salome documentation about a parallel fuse operation.

best regards,




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