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Complex heatspreader - meshing difficulties

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Complex heatspreader - meshing difficulties

Posted by Rainer Jacob at April 05. 2020


First: sorry for the double post. The other missed the text completely and I wasn't able to delete it. :(

Now, my problem:
I've got a rather complex heat spreader geometry that I need to analyse. It is surrounded by air (obviously) and should be cooled by a forced air flow. To start, I just wanted to simulate the air flow. However, I am unable to get a decent mesh.

Can somebody help?
I've attached the file to this post. I have tried meshing the heatspreader surface first with a very short max. length for the wire discretization. Salome (8.3) is able to mesh the surface. So I wanted to mesh the 3D geometry with Netgen. But that doesn't work. I get either overlapping boundaries-errors or memory propblems or just infinite calculation time. And I didn't even add viscous layers.

So, I am looking for some meshing experts who can help me create a decent mesh for ELMER.

  1. Can I somehow create different domains for different 3D meshing strategies?
  2. How can I set up a fine "air"-mesh around the heatspreader and then get coarser towards the duct walls?
Is there a general best practices for such complex structures?
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