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The following conversations have been posted, but have not yet received any replies.

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A remark on over-constrained cells Use
by Massimiliano Leoni
January 12. 2022
Partitioning? Use
by Greg Sweriduk
December 24. 2021
Re: Partition operation failing for unknown reason Use
by BROY Maxime
December 15. 2021
saving couple of geometries automatically in Salome Use
by Golestaneh Pouyan
December 13. 2021
Launching SALOME from Python and manipulating the geometry objects, all in the same script Use
by Roman R
December 01. 2021
Can SALOME use multi-cores when do simulation? Use
by Kanglong Zhang
November 15. 2021
hdf file size increasing when it should decrease Use
by BROY Maxime
November 02. 2021
Delete overlapped lines Use
by Tsubasa Hamada
October 08. 2021
remove vertex or edge in hexablock Use
by Roberto Putzu
October 08. 2021
ExportMED() function does not work when running with "-t" option Use
by Giannococo
September 28. 2021
Weird geometry after partition Use
by Tryphena
September 15. 2021
Volume Mesh near the surface of a micro scale cylindrical wire. Use
by Haiwen Xu
August 24. 2021
Unite faces of an STL Use
by Costas
August 23. 2021
Fuse list of elements faster in geometry module Use
by Franco Otaola
August 16. 2021
Problems with Partition (slow or even stuck) Use
by Valery B
July 31. 2021
Slow face group edit in shaper Use
by Steffen S
July 30. 2021
Viscous Layers for Flat Plate Mesh (to be used in OpenFOAM) Use
by Akintunde Akinneye
July 24. 2021
Reduce/Simplify the number of faces on complex geometries Use
by Daniel Malinowski
July 13. 2021
Cannot explore shape in shaper Use
by Vadims Geza
July 08. 2021
Re: C grid 2D airfoil Use
by Luiz Carlos de Mello Flores Junior
July 02. 2021
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