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Extracting mid surface

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Extracting mid surface

Posted by venkat at November 28. 2016


I am currently using code aster solver for shell element analysis ,for that mid surface is required.   Is it possible to extract mid surface in salome , 


Thank you for fast reply


Warm Regards


Re: Extracting mid surface

Posted by Holger Steffen at January 12. 2018


I  (own engineering office, mechanical engineering, if interested: see would like to switch from ANSYS to Salome-Meca.

But the generation of mid surfaces is a must-be !!

Most of my steel constructions are plate constructions, and I need urgently a possibility to generate shell models from CAD.

I'm wondering, that no other user have asked here!

Also there should be a possibility to prolong the mid-surfaces , that they touch again.

Warm regards from cold North-Germany




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