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Groups, how to identify an edge or face (TUI)

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Groups, how to identify an edge or face (TUI)

Posted by andrea dm at May 22. 2016

Hi to everyone,

I have created a 3D blade from a set of wires (3 Edges each one) using the following procedure:

Create a Pipe from the wires that form the profiles and create the top and root faces.
Pipe4  = geompy.MakePipeWithDifferentSections(Wire, Vp4a, Curve_p4s[0], 0, 0)
Face_0 = geompy.MakeFaceWires(Wire[0], 1)
Face_T = geompy.MakeFaceWires(Wire[10], 1)

Create a shell:
Shel_4 = geompy.MakeShell([Pipe4, Face_0, Face_T])

Create a solid:
Soli_4 = geompy.MakeSolidFromConnectedFaces([Shel_4],False)
Now I'm generating the groups of edges and faces composing this solid. I would like to identify the Edges that I have used to create the Wires. However I found only IDs. 
How can I relate the ID I found with the original Edges I have used? I would like to do this operation via TUI.
I needs these groups to specify a node distribution on the further meshing operations.

Re: Groups, how to identify an edge or face (TUI)

Posted by William Tougeron at May 23. 2016

Hi Andrea,

The simplest way to create a group from an existing geometry (here, your edges) is to use the geompy.GetInPlace function.

In your case, you can put all your edges in a compound:

edge_compound = geompy.MakeCompound([the, edges, or, wires])

and create a group from it:

group = geompy.GetInPlace(Soli_4, edge_compound)

Then, if you want to use IDs instead, you can put them in a group like this:

group = geompy.CreateGroup(Soli_4, geompy.ShapeType["EDGE"])

for id in [list, of, ids] : AddObject(group, id)

All the best,


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