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Forced discontinuity in mesh

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Forced discontinuity in mesh

Posted by MIGUEL BAOS GONZALEZ at May 29. 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm fairly new using Salomé, and I have found a bit challenging to generate certain meshes using the predefined tools that the software has.

At this time, I am trying to generate a patch antenna using, which is formed by two cylindrical dielectrics, face to face with a very thin (in terms of my simulations, with thickness=0) plate of metal, which is the patch of the antenna. The dielectric on the bottom is perfored in order for a coaxial cable to reach the patch and carry the signal to it.

The problem I find is that i need to have the mesh of the two dielectrics to be continuous between the two faces that are in contact with one another, except on the area defined by the patch.

At this point, I have defined everything from the dielectrics, to the coaxial cable to the patch, but I don't know how to send that order to the meshing tool to have the mesh break at that surface. I understand that this could be done with the "Split volume" tool, but I think there must be a better solution inorder to have the elements at that point be separated with one another in each dielectric without having to cut them.

I suppose this problem can be a bit tricky to understand, so attached is a simple diagram of the antenna.

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