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Boundary selection- OpenFOAM

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Boundary selection- OpenFOAM

Posted by Ashish Vinayak at July 13. 2017

Hello everyone,

I am trying to mesh an object with a cavity using Salome, and I would like to define the boundaries for OpenFOAM. 

I have created the mesh using the Body Fitting Algorithm since this is ideal for my purposes (I am constrained to use structured grids thus cannot use NetGEN). After creating the mesh, I need to now select the boundaries. First I created boundary elements using Modifications -> Create boundary elements. This results in the creation of multiple- faces on the surface, which can then be selected using Mesh -> Create Group -> Faces. 


However, since there are so many faces, I have to use Manual Edition to add each of them for each boundary group that I define (see image -> light blue represents face element being selected, yellow is all the elements currently selected using Manual Edition, Dark blue is a separate region of the mesh) 


I know that the usual method is to create boundary face groups in the GEOMETRY module before meshing, however this does not work for my purpose. 

My question is then: is there a way to select multiple elemental faces on a surface with some kind of multi-selection tool or filter. I cannot seem to find it ! Please help. 

Re: Boundary selection- OpenFOAM

Posted by Saint Michael at November 24. 2017


You can use groups of type Group on Filter with criterion.Belong to Geom = boundary surface (or group of faces). Coplanar faces criterion also can be useful.



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