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How to define a submesh in c++?

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How to define a submesh in c++?

Posted by zhang chunyu at December 22. 2018

Dear all,

    I am using the stand-alone SMESH module in my C++ program and it works very well.  Now I am trying to refine the mesh around a hole by defining a submesh as follows,


   SMESH_Gen *meshGenerator=GetMeshGenerator();   

   SMESH_Mesh* partMesh = meshGenerator->CreateMesh(0,false);


    //define the global size

      NETGENPlugin_NETGEN_2D3D *alg2D3D=new NETGENPlugin_NETGEN_2D3D(0,0,meshGenerator);  


      NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis *hyp2D=new NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis(1,0,meshGenerator);





 // define the local size on selected small faces 

      TopoDS_Compound smallFaces=GetFacesSmallerThan(partMesh->GetShapeToMesh(),100);

      NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis *hyp2D_fine=new NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis(2,0,meshGenerator);



      partMesh->AddHypothesis( smallFaces,2); 

  // generate the mesh



But the local refinement does not work. I also tried to define a new SMESH_subMesh but it is not a 'true' mesh so a local size cannot be assigned. I read the 'Compute' function but did not find the answer.


Any suggestion on proper using submesh for local refinement is greatly apprecited.

And Merry Chirstmas!


Re: How to define a submesh in c++?

Posted by SMESH expert at December 24. 2018


I suspect it is an trivial copy/paste error:

NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis *hyp2D_fine=new NETGENPlugin_Hypothesis(2,0,meshGenerator);


Best regards


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