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Posted by Mattia at January 16. 2019


MG-Tetra_HPC plugin is missing from Salome GUI but I saw the executables in the prerequisites/Meshgems-xxx folders.

Is it possible to use Tetra_HPC as Salome plugin without massive coding? I'm mainly golang dev and I have basic c++ (due to OF) and python skill but I'm not familiar with Salome architecture.

I'm currently using Salome 8.5 while migrating to 9.2 under linux Mint, using universal binaries.

I'm asking this because according to this link and for example 8.3.0 release notes (page 8, renaming Tetra Parallel to Tetra_HPC or viceversa) GHS3DPRLPLUGIN should be available, but only GHS3DPLUGIN is present.

I didn't notice HPC version was not integrated (without a license I just ignored MG items) but as I requested an offer from Distene, they told me it's not integrated into the platform and they wanted to know if I'm planning to do it myself.

Thanks and bye


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