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Salome cgns format mesh to SU2

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Salome cgns format mesh to SU2

Posted by Joao Lourenco at June 30. 2017

Hey everyone!


I'm trying to create a mesh around a 2D airfoil in Salome to export in .cgns format. I want to run the mesh file in SU2 but I'm with some problems. I have a configure file in SU2 which I c

hange the mesh format from su2 native format to cgns format since Salome don't export in su2 native format.


My problem is when I export the mesh from Salome in cgns format, the name of the boundaries, who I define in Salome, change. I run the SU2 program and I have an error message saying the name is not define in the cgns mesh file. But I define the name that I want for the boundaries in Salome. The name of the boundaries need to be define in Salome, right?


Have anyone try to generate a mesh in SALOME, 2D or 3D, export in cgns format and run in SU2, without problems? Is this possible?


Thanks for your attention.


Re: Salome cgns format mesh to SU2

Posted by Claudio Caccia at January 25. 2018

Hi Joao,

I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it? I am using Salome 8.3 and I am trying to export a 2D triangular mesh with definition of boundaries and SU2 (5.0.0) complains that it is not a valid mesh.

best regards


Re: Salome cgns format mesh to SU2

Posted by Giovanni Medici at November 14. 2019

Dear All,

I'm sorry to re-open a quite old topic, but I'm having the same issues as Joao and Claudio, and I'm wondering if any of you found a solution. I've been trying to export (Salome 9.3.0, Windows, SU2 6.0 windows) a CGNS mesh from Salome, without success so far. 

I defined the Groups in the Mesh module, and then exported the whole mesh in CGNS. Apparently Salome exports it in HDF5 file format, while SU2 expects it to be in ADF file format. It is not a great issue, as there is a straightforward way to convert the mesh to ADF, by using the cgnsconvert.exe (which is provided with Salome).

When I check the structure of the cgns file, with cgnslist.exe, I spot the domain (which is 2D), with the GridCoordinates, and ZoneBC, but also BAR_2 and TRIA_3 elements are reported.

  1. ADF MotherNode
  2.     +-CGNSLibraryVersion
  3.     +-domain
  4.         +-SMESH_Mesh
  5.             +-ZoneType
  6.             +-GridCoordinates
  7.             |   +-CoordinateX
  8.             |   +-CoordinateY
  9.             |   +-CoordinateZ
  10.             +-BAR_2 1 - 484
  11.             |   +-ElementRange
  12.             |   +-ElementConnectivity
  13.             +-TRI_3 485 - 33682
  14.             |   +-ElementRange
  15.             |   +-ElementConnectivity
  16.             +-ZoneBC
  17.                 +-Inlet
  18.                 |   +-PointList
  19.                 |   +-GridLocation
  20.                 +-Wall
  21.                 |   +-PointList
  22.                 |   +-GridLocation
  23.    [...] 

Then when I run SU2_CFD, if I simply forget about BAR_2, the application crashes, while if I add :


SU_2 runs but overrides all the Boundary Conditions.

Is there anybody that can guide to successfully export a CGNS mesh to SU2 ? 

Any help / advice is appreciated. I've also tried to modify script to work with Salome 9.3, without success, but I would prefer the CGNS / binary format if possible.

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