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Shaper Results for Meshing

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Shaper Results for Meshing

Posted by Tobias Holzmann at June 30. 2021

Hey everybody,


Salome made a big step forward introducing the Shaper module a few versions ago. So thank you all for the well development. I might ask for an extension / optimization for Salome in terms of Shaper -> Meshing module combination/usage.


Whenever I am creating different extrusions in the Shaper module (within one part) and combine them by using Fuse for example, I am getting one resulting body. Now, if I move to the meshing module to mesh that fused solid, I can select different bodies in the ShaperResults section. However, I just want to see the results here (or at least the resulting body and within a tree the sub-bodies). Example. I made one Extrusion_1, another one Extrusion_2 and on Extrusion_2 I made an extrusionFuse to get ExtrusionFuse_1 as a result (so two bodies). Finally I fuse Extrusion_1 and ExtrusionFuse_1 to get Fuse_1.
Changing to the Meshing module for meshing the final result I can see:
  1. Extrusion_1_1
  2. ExtrusionFuse_1_1
  3. Fuse_1_1

This is fine if one does have a small project. However, if one gets 30 or 80 bodies which were created by using extrusion / revolution / combining / cutting - what ever we do - one has no control over the actual bodies and their names given in the "ShaperResults" view. It gets even worse, if we have several parts due to the fact that we can have duplicated names here:
  1. Extrusion_1_1               (Part 1)
  2. ExtrusionFuse_1_1       (Part 1)
  3. Fuse_1_1                      (Part 1)
  4. Extrusion_1_1               (Part 2)
Even renaming the parts will not update/change the names in the "ShaperResults". The names (renaming the Resulting bodies) will only be considered if one is changing the name before opening the meshing module. However, if it was opened once before and one is renaming the part name in the "Results" section of the Shaper module, it is not updated anymore. Probably it is related regarding (maybe) some usage of

Shaper - Geometry - Meshing module and the way it is implemented.

It would be nice to have the ShaperResults as a List of:
-  Part 1
   | -> Result Bodies
   | -> Other bodies created to get the result bodies

- Part 2
  | -> Result Bodies
  | -> Other bodies created to get the result bodies

I hope my request was clearly formulated. Any hints are welcomed, if there is a workaround for that.

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