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How to implement parallel component for SALOME

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Re: How to implement parallel component for SALOME

Posted by Dmitrii Semikin at August 07. 2020
I'd like to understand, what is the right way to implement parallel component for SALOME. I see the following possible approaches:
1. Probably CORBA can be used to enable running multiple instances of the component and communication between the instances (may be in similar way, like MPI). I am quite new to CORBA and maybe, what I am telling is wrong. Anyway, if parallelism may be achieved using CORBA (and in context of SALOME, be driven by KERNEL), could someone point me to some resources/examples where I could see, how it may be done.
2. Another way is to implement parallelism of the component independently from the "distributed" engine of Salome (e.g. with OpenMP). But in this case, I don't understand, how it can be controlled in central way (probably from KERNEL). Besides, then the distributed model is more or less impossible to implement.
3. Probably there is still some way to use MPI for this purpose. But then I would like to understand, how does MPI works together with CORBA...
Again, any examples or other resources would be highly appreciated. Any other ideas/solutions for this topic would also be nice to see. Thank you in advance.
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