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New Shaper-Primitive Plugin

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New Shaper-Primitive Plugin

Posted by Tobias Holzmann at August 04. 2021

Hey everybody, I would like to implement a envolvent gear plugin for the Shaper module. However, as it is the first time of extending salome I would like to ask you the following:

  • Right now, I downloaded the sources to check out how, e.g., the cone or sphere primitives are implemented
  • I realized that I have to create files in the following folders:
    • PrimitivesPlugin
    • PrimitivesAPI
    • GeomAPI
    • GeomAlgoAPI
If I got it correct, these files are used to create the library which I can then add into the *.xml file (
  • plugin-Primitives.xml  --> this is for the GUI I guess
  • Adding a new envolventGear_widget.xml --> this is for the GUI mask (for inserting the data)
The XML files are fine however, I am not sure if I do this correct. If I follow the link above, it seems that I simply have to change/create the xml files and build one *h and *cpp file for plugin and one for feature.

Are there any further explanations? Especially regarding functions I can use inside my own functions?
Thanks in advance,
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