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  • plugins

    Posted by bernard pilling at October 23. 2006

    Are there any tutorials on how to write and install plugins for Salome.


    • creating plugins

      Posted by Vladimir Torshilov at September 28. 2010

      Hi everyone!

      I have read the documentation relating to the HELLO _SRTS and CALCULATOR _SRC. These documents describe how to create their own modules for Salome, but I had a few questions and I will be grateful if anyone can help me.

      1. Is it possible to compile and include sample files, such as HELLO_SRC, CALCULATOR _SRC under Windows, and of course load them in the Windows version of Salome (5.1.4). How to do it? The documentation  describes only about compiling under UNIX.

      2. The documentation for Salome and the documentation for example CALCULATOR_SRTS said that the first step in creating a new component is to create a directory tree that can be copied from the most similar module. And then using a utility renameSalomeModule we set the new name for the component.After that we should write *.idl file interface of the new module, compile it and override some methods for implementation. In this regard, I have two questions: 

      a)Is it enough to use the utility renameSalomeModule for the formation of the file structure of the module. really do not want anything to change in the configuration files and Makefile files. If they require modification, how it's done. In the documentation of this issue can not be described.

      b)How to compile *. idl file - This is done by third-party tools to manually or automatically by means of Salome.

      3.Is it possible to find in English the following documents:
        "Guide pour le developpement d' un module Salome 2 en Python" (C.Caremoli)
        "Guide pour le developpement d' un module Salome 2 en C++" (N.Crouzet)
        "Using the SAlome configuration and Building System enviroment (P.Goldbronn M.Tajchman)"


      Best regards,


    • Re: plugins

      Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at October 25. 2006

      Hello  Bernard,

      Unfortunately there are no tutorials on how to write and install plugins for Salome. But you can use NETGENPLUGIN sources as a good example and prototype.

      Best regards, Grigory.


      • Re: plugins

        Posted by Grigory Zhivotovsky at October 25. 2006

        Hello  Bernard,

        Sorry for mistake. You can find instructions in SMESH\ SMESH_SRC/doc/salome/PluginMeshers.txt.  

        Best regards, Grigory.


        • Re: plugins

          Posted by Dan Popov at March 20. 2008
          Hello all,

          concerning not only a plugin but an own module (based on the LIGHT-Module)
          I would be interested how selection in the Object browser via mouse clicks can
          be achiceved. As an example, if one wants to create a new mesh,
          one has to choose the geometry to be meshed. In the mesh creation mask, one
          can toggle the select geometry button and select the geometry object directly from the
          object browser.

          I have seen the implementation of the mesh creation dialog in SMESHGUI_MeshDlg.{h, cxx}
          and have understood the principle of the QT-slots and signals. I also found the creation
          of the button to be toggled for selecting the geometry (in createObject( tr("GEOMETRY";), aGrp, Geom)
          in the constructor of the SMESHGUI_MeshDlg), but what still isn't clear to me is where exactly
          the pointer the TopoDShape (in the SMESHDS_Mesh class) is 'pointed' to the geometry object
          if it is selected in the OB by clicking the mouse on it.

          Every help will highly be appreciated!
          Best regards, Dan

          • Re: plugins

            Posted by Dan Popov at April 01. 2008

            ok I've learned about the corba-based Salome architecture and it's components as factories, studies, ... ( I recommend the docu in the KERNEL module ;)). Then it's clear the mesh can exposed by the study or the corba interface respectively. So, to test a simple corba-module I tried to compile the HELLO- and SIERPINSKY-Modules as well as the SMESH-Module by myself, which resulted in  segmentation faults  (used with  other Salome modules installed as binaries). This seems not to be surprising as it is recommended in the main README (included in Install Wizard) not to mix up binaries/ self compiled salome modules.

            So as I am using Kubuntu gutsy gibbon on a 32-bit machine I'm actually trying to build and install Adam Powell's debian packages:
   together with his opencascade 6.2 libraries:
            while using generic debian tools (swig, sip, ...) in addition. I think there are some threads here discussing the installation of salome
            in debian. My next step will be to try patch his packages as I need some simple modifications in the SMESH-Module only (it could be done as a single module as well as my algorithm only needs a single mesh as input and does not need to change it).
            Regards, Dan 
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