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Posted by Gilles Vogt at July 02. 2013


I'm writing my report, and I'd like to mention the use of Salome.

Is there any reference (paper, etc.) I can use ? Gmsh provides a scientific paper for this aim, is there anything similar for Salome ?



Re: Referencing

Posted by Alain Hebert at July 03. 2013

A. Ribes and C. Caremoli, "Salomé platform component model for numerical simulation," COMPSAC 07: Proceeding of the 31st Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference, pages 553-564, Washington, DC, USA, 2007, IEEE Computer Society.

Re: Referencing

Posted by asdfgh at December 15. 2014

Thanks for your early reply. I downloaded the SDK and tried to execute compile.bat but it's not building completely with Visua;l Studio 2010.

What is the order of the modules if I build individually each module with VS2010



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