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Python/comm-file for Code_Aster

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Python/comm-file for Code_Aster

Posted by Qiao Jie Yang at August 24. 2016


I am now trying to make a python script (comm-file) for Code_Aster to run an analysis for an outer surface of a boat. I am interested in the stress and the out-of-plane displacement (z-direction). I have used 2D 4-noded rectangular element for the surface and I have tried to run the analysis with "MODELISATION='DKT' ". Is that correct? However, I also tried to put the simply supported boundary condition on the selected nodes. Please see the attached python-file. Code_Aster has returned a error in the mess-file like:

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; : ERREUR A L'EXECUTION - INTERRUPTION


CR d'execution de JDC en MIXTE


! <S> Exception utilisateur levee mais pas interceptee. !

! Les bases sont fermees. !

! Type de l'exception : error !

! !

! Erreur de programmation. !

! !

! Condition non respectée: !

! .false. !

! Fichier contex.F90, ligne 145 !


fin CR d'execution de JDC en MIXTE








What does that mean? What is wrong with my script? I also tried to use the wizard in Salome_Meca for my problem, but I have got this problem with 2D-element and 3D analysis...


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