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ideasUnvToFoam error

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ideasUnvToFoam error

Posted by morghi youssef at August 10. 2016

hi all

when i run the commend ideasUnvToFoam i have this error

because i select one face two time for inlet-water and inlet-air but i dont know how i can have this two inlet in one face

Sorting boundary faces according to group (patch)
0: parede is patch
1: inlet-water is patch
2: inlet-air is faceZone
3: outlet-water is patch
4: outlet-air is faceZone

Constructing mesh with non-default patches of size:
    parede    1174
    inlet-water    368
    outlet-water    412

Adding cell and face zones
 Face Zone outlet-air     412
ideasUnvToFoam: ideasUnvToFoam.C:1273: int main(int, char**): Assertion `noveau > -1' failed.
Abandon (core dumped)


Re: ideasUnvToFoam error

Posted by Bernhard Linseisen at August 11. 2016
Dear Morghi Youssef, I am not that familiar with ideasUnvToFoam. But maybe I can ask the right questions for finding the problem, maybe even the solution. 1. Are you certain the issue is a problem to be solved via mesh- or faceZone-definitions? To me it looks like you would like to have a boundary-condition doing different things for different media. But that would not be a matter of defining it via the meshing but rather of using appropriate boundary-conditions within OpenFoam. If this is the case, I suggest having a look at the inletOutlet-condition and the posts you find about it on . 2. If you just want to combine two faceZones into one patch, have a look at the information regarding "groups" here in the forum. As with, the forum search is great as soon as you know what to look for. Groups basically are what becomes patches when exporting a mesh to OpenFoam or other formats. 3. Are you certain you want to use the crutch of using the ideas-format instead of the direct way? Nicolas Forsberg wrote a great tool for direct mesh export from Salome to OpenFoam. You will find most (or all) of the necessary information about the script at this link: Either way: Good luck with finding the best solution and with working with OpenFoam! Cheers, Bernhard

Re: ideasUnvToFoam error

Posted by morghi youssef at August 16. 2016

hi bernhard
thank u very much
yes i will read more about this
i want to look if i can in one boundary condition two inlet one for water and one for air in the inlet of a pipe

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