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Salome "display" not displaying anything

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Salome "display" not displaying anything

Posted by Alexander Wecker at November 10. 2021
in the course of my bachelor thesis, i need to learn a couple things in Salome, but i just cant make it run properly.
The main problem i have right now, is that i am kind of stuck in this standard beginning view that you have when you create a new document:
I can create points, spheres and what else, but its not showing them. I cant zoom in, nor zoom out.
I run Salome on Ubuntu 20.04 on a Oracle VirtualBox.

While running Salome, i get the following error message in the terminal:
TKOpenGl | Type: Error | ID: 0 | Severity: High | Message:
  Error: 2D texture 1991x1167 IF: 35907 PF: 6408 DT: 5121 can not be created with error 1280.
I tried my best to look it up, but all results either lead me to minecraft communities or(/and) are not helping me.
Would be nice if somebody could help me.
Kind regards,

Re: Salome "display" not displaying anything

Posted by Nabil Ghodbane at November 10. 2021
Since you're using virtual box, you should use the mesa_salome launcher to run SALOME instead.
If you're running your virtual box on windows host, consider using windows distribution.
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