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Salome / MeshGems License

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Salome / MeshGems License

Posted by Simon W at September 30. 2021

Hello Salome Users / Team,

As I am starting to explore the capabilites of Salome, I have found out about the MeshGems Tools that are integrated in Salome.

After requesting a license from Distene( now part of Dassault Systems) I have got the answer that no more new accounts related to MeshGems and Salome are allowed. That is a really bad news I think. I would be really pleased to have more sophisticated meshing.


  1. Does someone see possible ways to buy/obtain old/existing licenses?
  2. Or are there Salome versions bundled with MeshGems library to buy?
  3. Are other license agreements with MeshGems and Salome planned for the future?


Be kind with me if this post in the wrong group, or anything is wrong with this post. It's my first post in this forum.

And big thumps up to all developers, supporters,... of the whole Salome Platform/+external libraries. Very impressive piece of open-source software.

Thanks in advance


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