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Problem with geometry

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Problem with geometry

Posted by Matheus Rocha at July 19. 2016


I am new in Salome and I need to make a draw using python code. I am using geompy.MakeRevolution (angle = 360°) to make my cylindrical face, but this face has one line dividing it . When I make other draws and commons commands, this line limits the region created and I cannot use geompy.GetSameID to make sub-groups of partition, because the face generated by common has 2 sub-shapes. I tried to use extrusion command, but this line remained (but in other position). I would like to know if there is any way to "fuse" the revolution (or extrusion) in one complete face (or shell), in other words, erase this line.

Excuse me for my English.


Re: Problem with geometry

Posted by Saint Michael at July 21. 2016

Hi Matheus

AFAIK this is impossible in principle in BREP geometry model.


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