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problem with discret element DIS_TR

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problem with discret element DIS_TR

Posted by Albert Montolio Aguado at October 29. 2015

Hi everyone,


 I have problems with a DIS_TR element which I called 'hinge'.







I defined the properties of the element this way:










and keep receiving the

following message;




   ! <S> Exception utilisateur levee mais pas interceptee.                         !

   ! Les bases sont fermees.                                                       !

   ! Type de l'exception : error                                                   !

   !                                                                               !

   ! (Solveur linéaire LDLT ou MULT_FRONT) Matrice non factorisable !              !

   !   On sait en plus que:                                                        !

   !    - pivot est presque nul à la ligne 160 pour le noeud N23 et                !

   !      la composante DRX.                                                       !

   !                                                                               !

   !   -> Conseil & Risque :                                                       !

   !      Verifiez votre mise en données (absence ou surabondance de conditions    !

   ! limites,                                                                      !

   !      caractéristiques matériaux licites...).                                  !

   !      Si vous avez deja validé cette mise en données, vous pouvez essayer a la !

   ! place le                                                                      !

   !      solveur linéaire MUMPS (mot-cle SOLVEUR/METHODE='MUMPS').                !




<S> User Exception but not stopped for levee. !
! The bases are closed. !
! Type of exception: error!
! !
! (Linear solver LDLT or MULT_FRONT) non factorisable Matrix! !
! It is known that in addition:
! - Pivot is almost nil at line 160 for the N23 and node!
! the DRX component. !
! !
! -> Consulting & Risk!
! Check your data layout (lack or overabundance conditions!
! limits!
! legal characteristic material ...). !
! If you have already validated this data set, you can try at the!
! Place it!
! linear solver MUMPS (keyword SOLVER / METHODE = 'MUMPS').



I don't see the mistake in my command file unfortunately.  I think it has to do with the connection between a DIS_TR and a DIS_T.  I attach the file .mess, just in case anyone could help me. I would appreciate any kind of hints.

Thanks a lot.


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