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    Posted by Karma Yonten at March 12. 2007

    Thanks for making Salome freely accessible.  I want to use Salome to visualize the FE results I get from an in-house fortran code.  I would like to see the deformed shape, and stresses and strains at the integration points, and some animation.  This means that I would need to write a script to translate the data I get from my code to that format readable by Salome.  It would be helpful to see an example of the data format that is to be input to the Salome post-processor.  I looked in the documentation, but didn't find an example.  Could you provide an example of the format?

    • Re: data format

      Posted by Vadim SANDLER at March 13. 2007
      Hello Karma,

      SALOME VISU (Post-Pro) module use files in MED format as input. You can use med 2.2.3 to put your data to the MED file and then import this file in SALOME.

      med 2.2.3 is supplied with the SALOME Installation Wizard (both binaries and sources). You can find some tests (C and Fortran) which can be used as samples in sources package med_fichier2.2.3.src.tar.gz (tests subfolder).

      Additional information about med 2.2.3 can be found here.

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