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Salome 9.2.2 on Win 10 does not start

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Salome 9.2.2 on Win 10 does not start

Posted by Fabio PInna at March 13. 2019


I have an apparently common problem but, despite using several tricks found on forums, I could not make Salome work.

Basically while launching Salome I've got the error "Failed to narrow the root naming context"  (after a very  long time)

I have previously installed it on the same laptop and it worked (win binaries for version 8.3 if I recall correctly), after the hard drive crashed I tried to reinstall it but to no avail.

I tried with the old WIN binaries, with the 9.2.2 WIN binaries. I tried using the Ubuntu WSL on the same WIN 10 machine both installing a 64 bits package (and playing with /etc/hosts file as indicated by some users) and with the Universal Linux binaries. The only thing missing is recompiling from source with either WSL or Visual Studio Code. On the other hand, I never compiled Salome and I guess this can get easily out of hand so I would prefer not to try it right away. 

I have a mcafee firewall and I gave permissions to run_salome.bat yet I cannot start Salome.

I believe that I should be able to run Salome as I used to few months ago but, for the moment, I run out of options.

What could I check? I suspect there is a problem with port communications used by corba to make the different module communicate but I have no idea what to check at this point.

What is my best chance to get it working? How can I start tracking this misbehavior?

Thank you



Re: Salome 9.2.2 on Win 10 does not start

Posted by Fabio PInna at June 25. 2019

I temporarily solved the issue by installing it in a virtual machine.

After some time I had the chance of installing it first with a fresh windows ten installation and Salome worked right away.

I suspect there is something in the way the python path is managed. As this appear a very sensitive part of the setuo I wonder if there is a stable workaround or simply the installation of a SALOME_PYTHON_PATH environmental variable that cures this behavior.

I will start soon installing anaconda and I'll see how that goes. Looking back at the env. variables of my previous system I did not notice any meaningful variation. I will keep testing but if anyone has a systematic way of dealing with this issue is welcome to share his/her experience here.



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