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Installation problem Ubuntu 17.10

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Installation problem Ubuntu 17.10

Posted by Mirko De Nunzio at January 07. 2018

Hi to everyone,

i recently mounted ubuntu 17.10 on a partition and afterward installed salome - meca 2017.0.2 but the program result partially installed and the main application is not created. the follow errors occur:

Enter the salome_meca install directory [default=/home/riario/salome_meca] :
salome_meca is in English, do you want to be in French ? [y/N] : n
Installation of salome_meca V2017.0.2 in /home/riario/salome_meca/V2017.0.2 ...
Verifying archive integrity...
All good.
./ line 108: / No such file or directory
./ line 109: / No such file or directory
Creating salome_meca application in /home/riario/salome_meca/appli_V2017.0.2 ...
sed: can't read /.config_appli_template.xml: No such file or directory
grep: salome_context.cfg: No such file or directory
salome_meca post-installation ...
./ line 240: python: command not found
Warning: the directory /snap/bin is in a path variable but does not exist
./ line 263: ./ No such file or directory
The salome_meca application was successfully created.
To run the application:
$ /home/riario/salome_meca/appli_V2017.0.2/salome
Adjusting wishexecutable /home/riario/salome_meca/V2017.0.2/tools/Code_aster_frontend-20170/etc/codeaster/
Initialize terminal and editor for Code_aster


I 've already use salome - meca and worked properly with no problem then i change distro and have those problems.

Someone can explain me where is the problem ? or where i wrong ?



Re: Installation problem Ubuntu 17.10

Posted by Stefan Hoerner at February 23. 2018

Hello Mirko,

I just made an install into my  /opt  folder in Ubuntu 17.10

It seems there is an issue with python 2. I prefer to install into /opt so I show how it worked for me:


1) create a python 2 environment on your terminal as salome uses python2 and ubuntu has python3.

I use anaconda on my computer. the it works like that:

code:    conda create -n python2 python=2.7

then activate your new environment:

code: source activate python2

2) create a folder in /opt and make it acessable for you as normal user

code: sudo mkdir /opt/salome_meca

code: cd /opt

code sudo chown USERNAME salome_meca

code: sudo chgrp USERNAME salome_meca

You can check if it worked well by

code: ls -all

3) install salome in /opt:

change into the directory where you stored the installer


code: ../

give the new directory to the installer

change into the salome folder

code: cd /opt/salome/

4) Start salome:

code: cd  appli_V2017.0.2

run it

code ./salome

Hope this helps!





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