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9.2.0 vtk environment

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9.2.0 vtk environment

Posted by Benoit Chaigne at January 15. 2019

When trying to access the vtkRenderer via libSalomePy (GUI module) I have the following error:

>>> import libSalomePy

>>> libSalomePy.getRenderer()

ImportError: No module named 'vtkRenderingCorePython'


p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

I noticed that the vtk environment in the salome launch script contains a bad folder:


It should be:


I guess this path takes its definition from PROJECT/products/env_scripts/

env.prepend('PYTHONPATH', os.path.join(paralib, 'site-packages', 'vtk'))

where it should be

env.prepend('PYTHONPATH', os.path.join(paralib, 'site-packages', 'vtkmodules'))


NB : I'm using the Debian 9 binary version


Re: 9.2.0 vtk environment

Posted by Vadim SANDLER at January 15. 2019

Hello Benoit,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

In fact, this line in config file is deprecated, and has to be omitted. However, you're right, there is a problem in SALOME 9.2 with accessing vtk wrappers (renderer, etc) from libSalomePy Python module. This is due a bug in libSalomePy implementation.

This bug has been fixed, see;a=commit;h=e70f3c39 .

Meantime, the solution you described can be used as a temporary workaround.


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