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Build and install from git modules

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Build and install from git modules

Posted by Sebastian Schwindt at February 25. 2021


I cloned a couple of modules from, which I want to use for generating a case for TELEMAC. However, I am struggling with building Salome with the hydro and hydrosolver modules. The all-in-one solution for installing Salome Hydro V1 provided with Salome_V1[...].run is quite old and has a bunch of problems on my Debian 10 (hydrosolver produces different TypeError: SOME_OBJECT_swig [...] argument: bool and Compute case does not work).

I tried to find instructions on compiling Salome from the git repos with cmake/make/make install, but the instructions in the documentation did not help me. Though I figured out that I need to define the path to the kernel's cmake files with CMAKE_PATH_PREFIX (and I managed to do so), I am stuck sooner or later with other errors (e.g., with some salomeMacro error).

Is there any documentation available on how to compile Salome, or more precisely, Salome Hydro directly from the git sources?

Thanks for any help,


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