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python missing error

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python missing error

Posted by Timo Siltala at October 25. 2018
I try to compile Salome in Windows 10 Bash Ubuntu 16.04 with following results:
Timo@R:~/Salome-8.5.0/SALOME-8.5.0-UB16.04-SRC$ ./sat prepare SALOME-8.5.0
/usr/bin/env: ‘python’: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/env is empty.
running ./ didn't  help either.
Any tips how to proceed is most welcome. Salome Ubuntu precompiled binaries run fine but I can't compile at all.

Re: python missing error

Posted by Christophe Trophime at November 03. 2018

just install python into your WSL Ubuntu 16.04..
sudo apt update

sudo apt install python


Note: after lauching Salome read the messages in the shell to check for errors (mostly missing libs).
The trick is then just the same. Search which package provides the missing lib and install it.



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