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Salome 2.2.8 on Mandriva

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  • Salome 2.2.8 on Mandriva

    Posted by the never at February 01. 2006
    I read through the thread on 2.2.6 and Mandriva, but I couldn't find the information on the FTP server. The only errors with my install is the as follows -

     Searching /Kernel/Session in Naming Service +SALOME_Session_Server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    th. 3030379440 - Trace /vsr/salome_2.2.8/KERNEL_SRC_2.2.8/src/NamingService/SALOME_NamingService.cxx [337] : Resolve() : Registry (object) not found
    +Traceback (most recent call last):

    This then repeats over and over and over again, until I click cancel on the window or send a sigterm of some sort. This is my first dealing with Salome and I'm fairly interested in using it, but switching distributions out now would be too great of a pain. So.... has this been resolved yet or have I overlooked something? Anyone know?

    • Re: Salome 2.2.8 on Mandriva

      Posted by Igor Nazarov at February 02. 2006

      The reason of your problem is the absence of DPS package on your Mandriva.

      It is possible that you didn't install the DPS package from your Mandriva distributive.

      But most likely the DPS package is absent from the distributive of your Mandriva version. Currently some of the XWindows developers refuse to use the DPS package. And latest versions of Mandriva do not contain this package.

      In this case you can download src of X11R7.0 (that contain the DPS package) by the links below

      build it on your Mandriva , define a path to built the libraries in your system environment and then try to start Salome.

      Good luck

      • Re: Salome 2.2.8 on Mandriva

        Posted by the never at February 02. 2006
        Hey, thanks for the reply, that was gonna be a last ditch kinda thing.
        After posting and taking a break yesterday I came back to salome and tried something out.
        I had CAE Linux Beta 1 downloaded , so I copied the lib from there.
        Salome fired up but some modules wouldnt work. Such as Mesh. was missing. Apparently Mandriva 2006 doesn't have g77 included with gcc 4. However, they offer the older gcc 3.3.x with g77 which installs and runs just fine. Default stays gcc 4. That saved a lot of work.
        As for on 2006..... i did the manual link thing. However, after browsing around rpm sites yesterday i found that in Contrib there is a package called "games-compat-0.3-4mdk". This package contains those files.

        Now, Salome fires up and all modules seem to work.

        Building SMESH_2.2.8 source fails though..... cursory inspection points to language rule changes to gcc 4. (SMESH binaries do work from the install though)

        I do have another quick question at the moment....
        1) Does anyone know if Code_Aster has an english port?

        Thanks again, cannot wait to study / make use of Salome!
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