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Effort for Debian packageo

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  • Effort for Debian packageo

    Posted by Bounhoure at February 17. 2006

    I'm a beginner with Salome and still trying to install it on a Debian Sarge.
    First I would like to  ask the people that already have installed Salome on this distribution if they can
    explain with more details what they have done to make it work.
    I would also like to know if somebody is trying to make a Debian package (even a dirty one) of Salome.

    • Re: Effort for Debian packageo

      Posted by Bernt-Ola Sandström at February 18. 2006

      I used the configuration file for RedHat 8.0 installation and that seems to work OK on Debian.
      The only thing that was necesary to do is the following ( at least on Debian Testing ).

      Run the installation using

          python runInstall

      After the installation is finished do the following.
      In the KERNEL_2.2.8 directory there is a file called taht sets up the enviroment variables,
      in that one, the second source line has to be changed as follows.

          out_var='echo $1 $2 |  awk -W sprintf=3060 -v dir=$3 '{       \

      Then you can do in the KERNEL_2.2.8 directory


      And then in KERNEL_2.2.8/bin/salome directory


      Hopefully that should get you running Salome

      You could also put the last two statements in a shell script to make it easier,
      just make sure you have the path's correct.


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