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27 December 2013 - SALOME version 7.3.0

CEA/DEN, EDF R&D and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to announce SALOME version 7.3.0. It is a public minor release that contains the results of planned improvements and bug fixes against SALOME version 7.2.0 released in May 2013.

Major changes in this release:

  • Migration of build procedure to CMake provides fully cross-platform solution working on both Linux and Windows.
This release of SALOME platform introduces the following new features and improvements:
  • Union faces and Remove internal faces repairing operations in Geometry module.
  • Create surface from the cloud of points in Geometry module.
  • Isoline curve operation in Geometry module.
  • Creation information on each data object in the dedicated window in Geometry module.
  • Folders and drag-n-drop support in Geometry module that allows customization of the data tree representation.
  • Fields on geometry.
  • Simplified Python API for 2D Sketcher in Geometry module.
  • Import of STL files in Geometry module.
  • Overall mesh quality indicators in the "Mesh information" dialog box.
  • Bi-quadratic triangles support in Mesh module.
  • New algorithm in Mesh module that allows creating quadrangle mesh on faces with more than 4 edges.
  • Split quadrangle into four triangles operation in Mesh module.
  • New Adaptive 1D hypothesis in Mesh module.
  • Viscous layers on shared edges in Mesh module.
  • Improved visualization of discrete elements in Mesh module.
  • Polygonal selection mode in VTK 3D viewer.
  • Persistent clipping in the OCC 3D viewer.
  • Arrange views operation in Window menu enables quick way to choose proper layout of viewers in main window.
  • Japanese localization.
  • A lot of other improvements … see SALOME 7.3.0 Release Notes for details.

SALOME 7.3.0 supports the following platforms:

  • Linux Debian 6.0 64bits
  • Linux Debian 7.1 64bits
  • Linux Mandriva 2010.0 64bits
  • Linux CentOS 5.5 64bits
  • Linux CentOS 6.3 64bits
  • Linux Fedora 18 64bits
  • Ubuntu 13.04 64bits
  • Windows XP 32bits and 64bits

SALOME 7.3.0 pre-compiled binaries for supported platforms can be retrieved from the download page of the site.


  • SALOME version 7.3.0 is based on  Open CASCADE Technology v6.7.0.
  • Universal binaries packages for Linux are not currently available, they will come very soon. Watch for new announcements.

Please, feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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