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11 June 2014 - SALOME version 7.4.0

CEA/DEN, EDF R&D and OPEN CASCADE are pleased to announce SALOME version 7.4.0. It is a public minor release that contains the results of planned improvements and bug fixes against SALOME version 7.3.0 released in December 2013.

Major changes in this release:

  • Migration on ParaView 4.1.
  • Removal of multi-study support.
  • Switching to the single Python interpreter model.
  • Introduction of a Port Manager to handle launching concurrent SALOME sessions.
  • New SALOME launch procedure.
  • Fully redesigned MedReader plug-in for ParaView in SALOME PARAVIS module.
  • Migration of build environment to Visual Studio 2010 on Windows.
This release of SALOME platform introduces the following new features and improvements:
  • Manage Dimensions in Geometry module.
  • Geometric progression 1D hypothesis in Mesh module.
  • Enforced nodes feature in Quadrangle parameters 2D hypothesis.
  • Propagation of Nodes Distribution on Opposite Edges hypothesis.
  • New features in Body Fitting meshing algorithm.
  • Viscous layers on shared faces.
  • Split Volumes into Prisms.
  • Definable parameters for Smoothing Surface operation in Geometry module.
  • Significantly improved behavior of Clipping Planes in Geometry and Mesh modules.
  • Move node dialog box redesign.
  • Create Mesh dialog box improvements.
  • A lot of other improvements and bug fixes … see SALOME 7.4.0 Release Notes for details.

SALOME 7.4.0 supports the following platforms:

  • Linux Debian 6.0 64bits
  • Linux Debian 7.1 64bits
  • Linux Mandriva 2010.0 64bits
  • Linux CentOS 5.5 64bits
  • Linux CentOS 6.3 64bits
  • Linux Fedora 18 64bits
  • Ubuntu 13.10 64bits
  • Windows XP / Windows 7 32bits and 64bits

SALOME 7.4.0 pre-compiled binaries for supported platforms can be retrieved from the download page of the site.

Note that  SALOME version 7.4.0 is based on  Open CASCADE Technology v6.7.1.

Please, feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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