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Re: Use newer Netgen in Salome
Unfortunately, Netgen 6.x will not be the standard release of Netgen in Salome 9.7, except very good news very soon. Some tests didn't pass. We'll try to ...
Re: how to create an ellipse with Shaper
The axes are automatically defined as auxiliary lines. You can also deal with the center and the intersection between the ellipse and the axes.
Re: how to create an ellipse with Shaper
Use the ellipse tool.
Re: Shaper extreme slow with larger sketch
Hello, I am interested in your problem. We did not encounter that behavior. Maybe because we try to limit the number of constraints in a sketch and ...
Re: Meshing a half-sphere with shell thickness
Hello. I am sorry but I don't understand where and whan the cutting will be. Is it the CAD by another CAD (of a box)? Is it the mesh by something? Please ...
Re: Homard module is not available on salome
In 2021, we will work to make HOMARD accessible to all platforms.
Re: Homard Module - Mesh Refinement during FEA (plasticity)
Hi, HOMARD is only a mesh transformer. HOMARD is given a mesh with instructions to control the refinement either as fields on nodes or cells with a ...
Re: creating groups SHAPER
Correct. The filters are only tools to build groups but only the results is saved. So you cannot replay them.
Re: Set group values in MED export
Hello, In fact these numbers are not an image of the groups: a group is only defined by its name. The numbers define the families. The conceipt of family ...
Re: MEFISTO documentation
MEFISTO is an old mesher. It is much less efficient than NETGEN or MGCADSurf. So I suggest that you move to these ones.
Re: Distorted elements
First of all, avoid MEFISTO. NETGEN is much better.
Re: All objects are gone in Shaper module after DumpStudy
This bug is known. Up to now, you need to activate Shaper before any dumping. Sorry.
Re: Problem with simple tetrahedral mesh: Line within box
Another solution, using "Automatic Tetrahedralization". Perhaps not the very best for the quality of the cells, but it is effective. Note that the ...
Re: Sub-mesh hypothesis respected along one direction but not the other
Seems strange but more information is needed. What algorithms do you use? Submeshs on faces or edges of the faces?
Re: [Bug] Crash SMESH module
I am afraid this structure cannot be meshed with Hexahedron(i,j,k) because it is not similar to a cube.
Re: .shp into Salome
Nothing is available. I did it with the python package pyshp
Re: mesh refinement
Sorry, HOMARD is available only on Linux platforms.
Re: mesh refinement
Hello! Very simple with the module HOMARD and the uniform refinement. That is available whatever the cells: triangles, quadrangles, tetrahedra, ...
Re: Homard does not work with med-3.1 files
You are right: the release of MED is not correct. I can give you a binary of HOMARD that is built with MED 3.1.0. Then you only have to make the substitution ...
Re: Homard does not work with med-3.1 files
Could you give me some information? What is the release of SALOME?
Re: HOMARD - refinement by temperature field from Syrthes calc. results
I am happy that it works now. As the responsible for HOMARD, I am interested in your feedback. Was the refinement as expected? Did it improve the ...
Re: HOMARD - refinement by temperature field from Syrthes calc. results
Dear Maciej, The problem comes from the mesh that is used. On one hand, the mesh that is considered is "Solid". On the other hand, the field ...
Re: Homard Binaries
Martin, Our plan is "add a construction of this binary from scratch"but it's not very: the mix between Fortran and C implies some difficulties when ...
Re: Homard Binaries
Martin, Sorry for being late. I am responsible for HOMARD in EDF R&D. I don't know exactly how you can download the HOMARD binary unless you use the ...
Re: Avoiding Pyramids for HOMARD
I checked the function. You are right: the option is not taken into account when it is selected through the GUI. Bug. But it is fine when HOMARD is driven ...
Re: Avoiding Pyramids for HOMARD
Thanks Bernhard. I am very surprised with the discrete boundary that is included into the log file. It looks as if it was the same mesh as the mesh for ...
Re: Avoiding Pyramids for HOMARD
Hello, I give a focus about HOMARD and the pyramids. HOMARD doesn't refine pyramids, at any time. You may deal with pyramids in two situations. ...
Re: Homard basic refinement case
Very strange. Do you have any log file in the object browser, under Case_1 and Iter_1 ?
Re: Homard basic refinement case
Bernhard, Some comments. You are very unlucky. The message "The directory /home/name/newdir is already used for the case Case_1" appears when you choose ...
Re: Homard within Salome 7.3.0
Bernhard, 1. Our answer was quick ... by chance! I look at the forum about twice a week and that was the right time. 2. I made a mistake for the ...