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KERNEL module

Attached to the lower layer of the architecture, the core functionalities of SALOME are fully defined by the KERNEL module that implements a number of basic services, like:

  • Components manager: handles the general services (communication & life cycle) to manage SALOME components. These services correspond to the encapsulation of the CORBA layer in use in SALOME
  • Study: provides a generic process to manage data shared by the components (creation & persistence)
CORBA middleware provides comunication among distributed components, servers and clients:  dynamic loading of a distributed component, execution of a component and data exchange between components. CORBA interfaces are defined via IDL files. All CORBA interfaces are available for users in Python. CORBA interfaces for some services are encapsulated in C++ classes providing a simple interface. Python SWIG interface is also generated from C++, to ensure a consistent behavior between C++ modules and Python modules or user scripts.


Underlying technologies

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