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Post-Pro module (VISU)

The purpose of this module is to supply visualization tools to help the end-user analyze the results issued from a solver after a numerical simulation computation.
It proposes standard functionalities to display information through a wide range of functions.

Among main functionalities, there are:

  • Visualization of presentations in different modes in a 3D viewer:
    • Shading
    • Wireframe
    • Shrink
    • Nodes
    • Insidewireframe
    • Special options for presentation (color, lines width, shrink coefficient)
    • Displaying/Erasing of presentations

  • Visualization of 2D presentations (curves) in 2D viewer:
    • Different style of curves
    • Different scaling modes
    • Auto or user defined legend

  • Import MED files
  • Import/Export ASCII files of special format for curve representation


  • Creation of 3D representations of results:
    • Scalar map
    • Deformed shape
    • Deformed Shape and Scalar Map
    • Vectors presentation
    • Iso surfaces presentation
    • Cut planes presentation
    • Cut lines presentation
    • Stream lines presentation
    • Plot 3D Presentation
    • Gauss Points presentation
    • Different options for presentations listed above


  • Parallel and successive animation of the presentation along a time scale


  • Display information about values on cells
  • Creating/storing special view parameters (angle, zoom factor, etc.)


  • Creation of 2D data from 3D presentations
  • Visualization of tables
  • Creation of curves from tables
  • Creation of containers of the curves


Underlying technologies

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