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Supervisor module (SUPERV)

The aim of this module is to graphically define, instantiate and execute a computation process which corresponds to a directed and cycle-free graph (dataflow).

This module is not supported since SALOME version 5.0. In SALOME series 5x it has been replaced by YACS module.

The Supervisor a tool that allows to describe and to control different coupling capabilities between the distributed components, and especially solver modules. A component can be either an existing SALOME module running on its own machine and on its own Operating System (i.e.: distributed component), or a Python component running locally and designed by the user.

Main functionalities of the module are:

  • Creation of a dataflow
  • Import/export of a dataflow into an xml file
  • Edit a dataflow:
    • Add a node into a dataflow
    • Remove a node from a dataflow
    • Connect nodes in a dataflow
    • Change node information
    • Rename a node
    • Publish the results of a computation into the study

  • Different presentation views of a dataflow
    • Control view
    • Full view
    • Table view

  • Control the execution of a dataflow:
    • Run execution
    • Suspend execution
    • Kill dataflow execution
    • Step-by-step execution

  • Different kinds of nodes:
    • Factory nodes (distributed services)
    • Inline nodes (python based):
      • Computation node
      • Switch node (if ... then ... else ..., case ...)
      • Loop node (for ... to, repeat ... until, do ... while)
      • GoTo node

Underlying technologies

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