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YACS module

YACS module allows build, edit and execute calculation schemes. A calculation scheme defines a chain or a coupling of computer codes (SALOME components or calculation components, see General Principles of YACS).

YACS module has been introduced in SALOME series 4x and replaced obsolete Supervisor module in SALOME series 5x.

General operations:
  • Activate YACS module
  • Import/Export a schema
  • Open/Save a study
  • Set user preferences
  • Select an object
  • Activate context popup menu
  • Set active schema or run of a schema
Modification of a schema:
  • Create an object
  • Edit an object
  • Delete an object
Representation of a schema:
  • Change 2D representation of a schema
  • Auto-arrange schema nodes
  • Rebuild links between nodes
Execution of a schema:
  • Execute a schema
  • Save/Restore execution state
  • Create new edition

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