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Current Release GUI

  • GUI Documentation
    This section contains SALOME GUI module documentation. It provides a description of the basic functionalities available in the SALOME GUI desktop.
  • Geometry Documentation
    This section contains the documentation on the SALOME Geometry module. This module can be used for creation/editing of the CAD models.
    • YACS Documentation
      This section contains documentation on the SALOME YACS module. This is the alternative implementation of the Supervisor module, that has replaced SUPERV since SALOME series 4x.
    • HexaBlock Documentation
      This section contains documentation on the SALOME HexaBlock module.  This module aims at helping users to build hexahedral meshes by creating of a model of the blocks.
    • Homard Documentation (English version)  and (French version)
      This section contains documentation about SALOME Homard module.  This module provides means for the adaptation of the mesh generated by the Homard solver for the SALOME platform.
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