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EDF Example 1

Primitives, partition and meshing example

This sample is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


Geometric Primitives, tetrahedral and hexahedral 3D meshing, Partitions.

Copyright © EDF R&D 2014.
This tutorial is a part of the EDF internal training course; it does not describe a real use case.


  • Launch SALOME.
  • Create a new study.
  • Launch GEOMmodule.

Modeling of 2D object – Usage of primitives

  • Modification of  preferences: (menu File/Preferences).
    Geometry: Origin and base vectors - check Auto create.  Default display mode - Wireframe
  • Creation of Sketch_1 : (menu New Entity/Basic/2D Sketch). Click Apply after each consecutive line except for the last one:

    First Point (Absolute): (150 ; 0) 

    Arc (Direction; Perpendicular): (50 ; 115)

    Arc (Direction; Tangent): (-100 ; 15)

    Segment (Direction ; Tangent ; Length) : 150

    Segment (Direction ; VX-VY ; Y) : (0 ; -1 ;0)

    Close dialog

  • Creation of Mirror_1: (menu Operations/Transformation/Mirror image)
    (2nd Constructor)

    Objects: Sketch_1

    Axis Mirror: OX

    Leave "Create a copy" checked.

  • Check the wires: (menu Measures/What is)

    => 1 Wire, 4 Edges, 5 vertices.

  • Explode into basic elements: (menu New Entity/Explode)
  • Explode Sketch_1 into Edges.

    Explode Mirror_1 into Edges.
  • Creation of Wire_1: (menu New Entity/Build/Wire)

    Select the group of Edges (previously extracted).

    Multiple selection is carried out by holding ctrl in the study tree and shift in the viewer.

  • Creation of Face_1 : (menu New Entity/Build/Face)
    Face with Wire_1.

  • Display the result in Shading (popup menu Display Mode/Shading).
  • Save the study (menu File/Save)

Usage of curves

Explode into sub-elements: (menu New Entity/Explode)

  • Explode 2 vertices from Face_1 by selection (Select Sub Shapes)

    Selection of a sub-shape is possible only in the OCC Viewer.

  • Rename the 2 vertices in PB and PA.

Creation of Vertices for the curve : ( New Entity/Basic/Point )

  • Vertex_1 (-150, 0, 0),     Vertex_2 (-140, 20, 0),
  • Vertex_3 (-150, 30, 0),   Vertex_4 (-140, 40, 0)
  • Vertex_5 (-140, -20, 0),  Vertex_6 (-150, -30, 0),
  • Vertex_7 (-140, -40, 0)

Creation of Curve_1: (menu New Entity/Basic/Curve)

  • Interpolation with the selection of previously created vertexes  (3rd Constructor).
  • Select just created vertexes in the next order: Vertex_4, Vertex_3, Vertex_2, Vertex_1, Vertex_5, Vertex_6, Vertex_7

Creation of vectors:(menu New Entity/Basic/Vector)

  • Vector by 2 vertices (PA and Vertex_4) and (PB and Vertex_7).

Creation of Face_2: (menu New Entity/Build/Face)

  • from Curve_1, Vector_1, Vector_2, Edge_1 and Edge_5.

Extrusion: (menu New Entity/Generation/Extrusion)

  • Extrusion_1 with Face_1 along OZ (Height: 10).

  • Extrusion _2 with Face_2 along OZ (Height: 10).

Boolean Operation: (menu Operations/Boolean/Fuse)

  • Fuse_1 with Extrusion_1 and Extrusion_2.

Creation of 3D Fillet on Fuse_1 : (menu Operations/ Fillet 3D)

  • (2nd Constructor)
  • Fillet by selection of edges.
  • Radius = 25.



  • Launch module SMESH

Creation of a simple Tetrahedral mesh

  • Creation of Mesh_Fillet_1 : (menu Mesh/Create Mesh)

  • Geometry: Fillet_1

    Assign a set of hypotheses -> Automatic Tetrahedralization

    Max. Length hypothesis opened, click "Cancel".

    Click 1D Tab, Add "Automatic Length" hypothesis with

    Fitness: 0.2

    Click OK for validation.

  • Compute (right-click on Mesh_Fillet_1)

Geometry (Partition)

Launch GEOM module


Explode Fillet_1 into reference elements: (menu New Entity/Explode)

  • Explode into 5 Vertices by selection.

Create 5 Planes: (menu New Entity/Basic/Plane) (1st constructor)

  • 4 planes along vector OX passing through each of 4 first left vertices.
  • 1 plane along vector OY passing through the right vertex.

Creation of the Partition_1:(menu Operation/Partition) (1st constructor)

Partition of Fillet_1 (Objects) with 5 Planes (Tool Object).

Visualize the result in Shading mode with 40% transparency (popup menu).

Meshing (Partition)

Launch SMESH module

Creation of a Tetrahedral mesh from a partition

Creation of Mesh_Partition_Tetra: (menu Mesh/Create Mesh)
  • Geometry: Partition_1
  • Automatic Tetrahedralization (Assign a set of hypotheses)
  • "Max Length" opened, click Cancel
  • 1D, hypothesis "Automatic Length",  Finesse: 0,2
  • Compute.

Creation of Hexahedral mesh

Creation of Mesh_Partition_Hexa: (menu Mesh/Create Mesh)

  • Automatic Hexadralization (Assign a set of hypotheses)
  • Geometry: Partition_1
  • Number of Segments: 10,  Type: Equidistant distribution.
  • Apply & Close.


Exploding the Edge of Thickness

Activate Geom Module.

Explode one Edge of Thickness

New Entity -> Explode -> Main Object : Partition_1 -> Shape Type : Edge

Activate "Select Subshape" check box and select sub-shape from the viewer.

return to the Mesh Module.


Creation of SubMesh: (menu Mesh/Create Sub-Mesh)
  • Mesh: Mesh_Partion_Hexa
  • Geometry : The edge of thickness.
  • Algo: Wire Discretisation
  • Hypothesis: Nb Segment (1, Equidistant distribution)
  • Add Hyp.: Propagation of 1D Hyp. on opposite edges
  • Compute.







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