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EDF Excersise 5

Geometry by blocks, shape healing

This sample is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


Creation of a geometric object by Blocks, Primitive, Boolean Operation, Shape healing.

Copyright © EDF R&D 2014.
This tutorial is a part of the EDF internal training course; it does not describe a real use case.


  • Launch SALOME.

  • Create a new study.

  • Launch GEOM module.

Creation of reference points: (menu New Entity/Basic/Point).

1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 0 ; 0.

1st Point Constructor: 100 ; 0 ; 0.

1st Point Constructor: 100 ; 100 ; 0.

1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 100 ; 0.

1st Point Constructor: 50 ; 0 ; 100.

1st Point Constructor: 100 ; 50 ; 100.

1st Point Constructor: 50 ; 100 ; 100.

1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 50 ; 100.

1st Point Constructor: 50 ; 50 ; 100.

1st Point Constructor: 50 ; 50 ; 0.


Creation of Quadrangle Face block: (menu New Entity/Blocks/Quadrangle Face).

1st Constructor: Vertex_1, Vertex_2, Vertex_3, Vertex_4.

Validation => Quadrangle_Face_1.

1st Constructor: Vertex_5, Vertex_6, Vertex_7, Vertex_8.

Validation => Quadrangle_Face_2.

Creation of Hexahedral Solid block: (menu New Entity/Blocks/Hexahedral Solid).

1st Constructor: Quadrangle_Face_1, Quadrangle_Face_2.

Validation => Hexahedral_Solid_1.

Creation of a sphere : (menu New Entity/Primitive/Sphere).

1st Constructor: Centre: Vertex_9. Radius: 20

Validation => Sphere_1.

Boolean Operation: (menu Operation/Boolean/Cut)

Main Object: Hexahedral_Solid_1.

Tool Object: Sphere_1.

Validation => Cut_1.

Face removal: (menu Repair/Suppress Faces)

Select the spherical face.

Validation => SuppressFaces_1.

Shape Checking: (menu Measures/Check free boundaries)

Shape: SuppressFaces_1.

=> 1 Closed free boundary.

Hole removal: (menu Repair/Suppress holes)

Shape: SuppressFaces_1.

Select the option «Remove all holes ».

Validation => SuppressHoles_1.

Shape Checking: (menu Measures/What is)

It is checked if the reconstructed object SuppressHoles_1 is not a Solid but a Shell.


Construction of the Solid: (menu New Entity/Build/Solid)

Shape: SuppressHoles_1.

Validation => Solid_1.


Extraction of Faces: (menu New Entity/Explode)

Shape: Solid_1. Type : Face.

Validation => Face_i (sub-element of Solid_1).


Group of faces: (menu New Entity/Build/Compound)

Shape: Face_i.

Validation => Compound_1.


Mirror: (menu Operations/Transformation/Mirror image)

Shape: Cut_1. Point : Vertex_10.

Validation => Miror_1.


Group of faces: (menu New Entity/Build/Compound)

Shape : Cut_1 and Miror_1.

Validation => Compound_2.


Sewing of internal faces: (menu Repair/Glue faces)

Shape Compound_2.

Validation => Glue_1.

Compare the Shapes Compound_2 and Glue_1 : (menu Measures/What is)

=> Glue_1 contains one internal face less.

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