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Pattern Mapping

Pattern mapping

This sample is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


Creation of a Pattern mapping.

Copyright © EDF R&D 2014.
This tutorial is a part of the EDF internal training course; it does not describe a real use case.


  • Launch SALOME.

  • Create a new study.

  • Launch GEOM module.


Creation of the wire with sketcher : (menu New Entity/Basic/2D Sketch).

First Point: 0 ; 0.

Segment (Point - absolute): 100 ; 0.

Segment (Point - absolute): 50 ; 75.

Segment (Point - absolute): 0 ; 0.

Validation => Sketch_1.


Creation of a face to be meshed: (menu New Entity/Build/Face).

Select Sketch_1 => Face_1.



Launch SMESH module

Creation of Mesh_1: (menu Mesh/Create Mesh)

Geometry: Face_1

Automatic Triangulation (Assign a set of hypotheses)

1D: Choose the algorithm: Wire Discretisation.

1D: Create the hypothesis: use Nb. Segment = 2.

Compute Mesh_1.

Creation of a pattern mapping: (menu Modification/Pattern mapping)

Mesh: Mesh_1.

Pattern: New => Select “Project node on the face”.

Save the pattern.

Select “Refine selected mesh element”.

Mesh faces: 7 8 9 10 11 12.

Validation => The mesh of face_1 is applied.

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