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Example of Bracket

Example of bracket

This sample is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


This exercise illustrates the use of Geometry and SMESH SALOME functionalities for building and meshing the bracket shape. Shape is built using Primitives, Transformations and Boolean operations. Note that for simplicity of example fillets are not applied.

Geometry functionalities used in exercise:
  • Basic – Create Point, Vector, Plane
  • Primitives – Box, Cylinder
  • Build – Compound
  • Transformation – Rotation, Multi-Translation, Multi-Rotation, Mirror
  • Boolean –Cut, Fuse
  • Import step
  • Mesh functionalities used in exercise:
  • 3D algorithm – Netgen1D-2D-3D, Hypothesis: Netgen 3D parameters


The sequence of actions is as follows:
  • Launch SALOME.
  • Create a new study.
  • Launch GEOM module.
  • Creation of reference points: (menu New Entity/Basic/Point).
    Vertex_1 - 1st Point Constructor: -62.5; -40; -15, Apply
    Vertex_2 - 1st Point Constructor: 62.5; 40; 0, Apply
    Vertex_3 - 1st Point Constructor: -52.5; -20; -20, Apply
    Vertex_4 - 1st Point Constructor: 52.5; 20; -5, Apply
    Vertex_5 - 1st Point Constructor: -6; -6; -15, Apply
    Vertex_6 - 1st Point Constructor: 6; 6; 25, Apply
    Vertex_7 - 1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 0 ; 0, Apply
    Vertex_8 - 1st Point Constructor: 50 ; 30 ; -25, Apply
    Vertex_9 - 1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 0 ; 5, Apply
    Vertex_10 - 1st Point Constructor: 0 ; 0 ; 40, Apply
    Vertex_11 - 1st Point Constructor: 21.213; 21.213; 35, Apply and Close.

  • Creation of reference vectors: (menu New Entity/Basic/Vector).
    Vector_1 - 2nd Vector Constructor: 1 ; 0 ; 0, Apply
    Vector_2 - 2nd Vector Constructor: 0 ; 1 ; 0, Apply
    Vector_3 - 2nd Vector Constructor: 0 ; 0 ; 1, Apply and Close.
  • Creation of boxes: (menu New Entity/Primitives/Box).
    Box_1 - 1st Box constructor Select Vertex_1, Vertex_2, Apply
    Box_2 - 1st Box constructor Select Vertex_3, Vertex_4, Apply
    Box_3 - 1st Box constructor Select Vertex_5, Vertex_6, Apply and Close.

  • Rotate Box: (menu Operations/Transformation/Rotation – 1st constructor).
    Main Object: Box_3.
    Axis: Vector_3.
    Angle: 45
    Uncheck “Create a copy” check-box
    Apply and Close.

  • Creation of cylinders: (menu New Entity/Primitives/Cylinder).
    Cylinder_1 - 2nd Cylinder constructor Radius 22, height 50, Apply
    Cylinder_2 - 1st Cylinder constructor Select Vertex_9, Vector_3, Radius 15, height 80, Apply
    Cylinder_3 - 1st Cylinder constructor Select Vertex_10, Vector_3, Radius 37.5, height 10, Apply
    Cylinder_4 - 1st Cylinder constructor Select Vertex_8, Vector_3, Radius 5, height 40,  Apply
    Cylinder_5 - 1st Cylinder constructor Select Vertex_11, Vector_3, Radius 3.5, height 20, Apply and Close.

  • Creation of a multi-translation Multi-Translation_1: (menu Operations/Transformation/Multi-Translation - 2nd constructor).
    Main Object: Cylinder_4.
    Vector U: Vector_1.
    Vector V: Vector_2.
    Step U -100
    Nb. Times U: 2
    Step V -60
    Nb. Times V: 2
    Apply and Close.

  • Creation of a multi-rotation Multi-Rotation_1: (menu Operations/Transformation/ Multi-Rotation – 1st constructor).
    Main Object: Cylinder_5.
    Vector: Vector_3.
    Nb. Times: 4
    Apply and Close.

  • Boolean Operation Fuse_1: (menu Operation/Boolean/Fuse)
    Selected Objects: Cylinder_1, Cylinder_3
    Apply and Close.

  • Boolean Operation: (menu Operation/Boolean/Cut)
    Cut_1 - Main Object: Box_1
    Tool Object: Box_2, Apply
    Cut_2 - Main Object: Fuse_1
    Tool Object: Cylinder_2, Apply
    Cut_3 - Main Object: Cut_2
    Tool Object: Multi-Rotation_1, Apply
    Cut_4 - Main Object: Cut_1
    Tool Object: Multi-Translation_1, Apply and Close.

  • Boolean Operation Fuse_2: (menu Operation/Boolean/Fuse)
    Selected Objects: Cut_3, Cut_4
    Apply and Close.

  • Boolean Operation Cut_5: (menu Operation/Boolean/Cut)
    Main Object: Fuse_2
    Tool Object: Box_3
    Apply and Close.

  • Import a geometry Extrusion.step_1: (menu File/Import).
    Select Files of type *.step
    Download and load file Extrusion.step

  • Create Plane Plane_1: (menu New Entity/Basic/ Plane)
    1st Plane constructor Point: Vertex_7
    Vector: Vector_1
    Size: 80
    Apply and Close. 

  • Creation of Mirror image Mirror_1: (menu Operations/Transformation/Mirror image)
    3rd Constructor: Mirror by Plane
    Objects: Extrusion.step_1
    Plane mirror: Plane_1
    Check “Create a copy” check-box.
    Apply and Close.

  • Create Group of solids Compound_1: (menu New Entity/Build/Compound)
    Objects: Mirror_1 and Extrusion.step_1
    Apply and Close.

  • Boolean Operation Fuse_3: (menu Operation/Boolean/Fuse)
    Selected objects: Cut_5, Compound_1
    Apply and Close.

Construction of the mesh

Launch SMESH module.
  • Creation of Mesh_1 Mesh_1: (menu Mesh/Create Mesh)
    Geometry: Fuse_3
    3D algorithm: Netgen1D-2D-3D
    3D hypothesis: Netgen 3D parameters
    Max size =3
    Fineness Fine
    Uncheck “Second order” and “Optimize” check boxes
    Apply and Close.
    Compute Mesh_1

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