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Example of Nut

Example of Nut

This sample is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


This exercise illustrates the use of Geometry and SMESH SALOME functionalities for building and meshing the nut shape. Shape is built using Sketch, Transformations and Boolean operations,

 Geometry functionalities used in exercise:

  • Basic – Create Point, Vector
  • Build – Face
  • Explode
  • Sketch
  • Transformation – Extrusion, Revolution, Fillet, Chamfer
  • Boolean –Cut, Common
  • Import brep
Mesh functionalities used in exercise:
  • 3D algorithm – Tetrahedron (Netgen), Hypothesis Max Element Volume
  • 2D algorithm – Triangle (Mefisto), Hypothesis Max Element Area
  • 1D algorithm – Wire discretization, Hypothesis Average Lengt


The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Launch SALOME.
  • Create a new study.
  • Launch GEOM module. 


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