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Examples of SALOME use from TUI

This section provides examples of python (TUI) scripts to perform SALOME operations from python commands or files.

  • This examples is known to work on the latest SALOME release.
  • The compatibility with previous versions of SALOME is not guaranteed, though the sample can work on old versions also.


Tower and Gear Wheel TUI examples

These examples build a tower and a gear wheel with help of block technology. Topology of the objects is constructed from blocks.

Hexahedral meshing is done with a different number of segments along different edges. Propagation hypothesis is used to provide an equal number of segments on the opposite edges.

Download the Tower and the Gear Wheel scripts:

Tower TUI Script                                                                             Gear Wheel TUI Script


Angle Bracket example

Example of creating and meshing a simple mechanical model created using the GUI of SALOME GEOM module then DumpPython and a small redesign of the generated script

Angle Bracket TUI



An example of mesh pattern mapping to convert triangles to a set of quadrangles.

Boat.brep                                                                   Boat refined by


Kishinev Ship

This example builds and meshes the hull of "Kishinev" dry cargo ship and then uses mesh pattern mapping to convert triangles to a set of quadrangles. Basic ship data:
  • Overall length 123.5 m
  • Scantling length 117 m
  • Moulded breadth 15 m
  • Depth at strength deck 6.5 m
  • Scantling draft 4.5 m                                      Kishinev redefined by


This example demonstrates the capabilities of MeshEditor. A part of magnetron is created using various methods of MeshEditor.


Pipe Shell

This example demonstrates the MakePipeWithShellSection functionality. Using the path and a set of shell sections along this path a pipe shape is created as a set of solids. Each result solid is a block. After that the resulting pipe shape is meshed by the Hexahedron hypothesis.

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