Numerical simulation in industry requires the use of high performance methods in fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, electromagnetism, and others. The SALOME platform provides engineers/researchers/practitioners with a solution that allows them to benefit from high-level modules targeting: CAD, meshing, coupling of phenomena, visualisation, calculation supervision, uncertainties, etc, thereby aiding the overall pipeline of a numerical simulation. These modules can be directly used by easy-to-use GUI of SALOME or via Python scripts. If desired, users can build domain-specific applications/softwares by assembling these modules to the needs of the numerical simulation.

Developed collaboratively, SALOME is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The dynamic evolution of SALOME ensures optimal use of computer resources: cluster, HPC, graphics. SALOME is extensively used by EDF, France and CEA, France, to carry out studies necessary for the proper functioning of their facilities and for research work in their field in an efficient manner. Moreover, more than 150 thousand downloads from multiple countries in the year 2021 alone, suggests that SALOME is surely being deployed as a tool for engineering and research purposes around the globe. Keeping our wide user base in mind, SALOME promotes the sharing of knowledge and practices to guarantee a high level of expertise for users.

The brochure of SALOME 9 is available here