SHAPER is a parametric and variational CAD modeler. The graphical interface offers an ergonomics particularly adapted to the drawing, modelled on the technical drawing. The variational aspect allows the user to interactively apply dimensions and constraints to a sketch. The parametric aspect ensures that the final shapes are automatically updated when a CAD element parameter is modified. Finally, SHAPER also enables simple assembly of multiple 3D parts to create a complex one.

SHAPER was developed specifically for simplifying the construction of CAD models that appear in numerical simulations. In this context, some of the features that make SHAPER a desirable tool:

  • Groups/regions/domains needed for simulation are created and updated automatically if geometry is changed.
  • Connection of multi-dimensional parts can be made easily.
  • Non-manifold geometries are possible, such as an edge shared by more than two faces.
  • CAD can also be designed with Python scripts thanks to the textual user interface (TUI).

A few examples of CAD models constructed with SHAPER :

More information in the user’s guide.