Scientific visualisation

Visualisation and analysis of results from numerical solvers are critical steps for any computational simulation. These can be performed in PARAVIS module. This module has been developed to find within SALOME all the functionalities of ParaView, open source software edited by Kitware and based on the VTK tool library.

A wide range of representations is available to explore the results of the calculations: surface, volume, Gauss points, etc. These results can then be analyzed using numerous filters in order to visualize the most relevant information: clips, slices, thresholds, iso-surfaces, streamlines, elevation, point-probe, etc.


Quantitative information can be extracted using the analysis tools: selection of results, histograms, plots over time or curvilinear abscissa. PARAVIS also allows you to visually display, edit, or save animations for time-varying results, the displacement of a cutting plane, the evolution of the deflection shapes of a modal analysis, etc.

PARAVIS features shared memory parallelism by default, thereby allowing users to obtain results rapidly. For large-scale visualisations, PARAVIS can be used in client/server mode with distributed memory parallelism.


This module is fully scriptable in Python to create batch visualizations when necessary or to repeat the analysis on parametric runs. It is can be used on remote visualization clusters to interactively analyze large sets of results.